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The Early Years

Denise was born and raised in Long Island and New York City.

 The musical influences present in childhood still have a strong influence in her music today. From the New York Folk, Latin and Jazz scene and artists like Laura Nyro,  they all left a beautiful watermark on Denise's personal style. Coupled with some of her favourite jazz influences like Miles Davis, Freddie Hubbard, Chick Corea and Billy Holiday, Denise went on to go beyond her influences branding her own style of orchestration, film music and jazz.

Making a Mark from a Young Age

By the time Denise was 14 she was playing professionally in New York, and went on to major in piano and composition at the famous Berklee College of Music where she graduated with a degree in piano and composition.

In the 1990s she came under the wing of legendary pianist Ellis Larkins, whose richly sophisticated harmonies became a trademark of her compositional style. She sang with him and many of the world's finest pianists in NYC, performing at clubs such as 'The Village Vanguard', 'The Bitter End' and 'The Carnegie Tavern'. She also studied harmony with renowned tenor saxophonist Jerry Bergonzi, who is featured on her CD 'Naked Truth' and her latest album 'Brown Book'.

A Move to New Orleans and Global Recognition

Although a native of New York, Denise lived in New Orleans for five years, becoming a favourite-featured artist at the city’s premier jazz club ‘Snug Harbor’ and recorded 4 of her CD’s there. She has been a featured artist in many world-renowned jazz venues, across the USA, Paris, Australia, London’s Pizza Express and the Round House, London. Denise has performed with many great jazz legends including, Peter Martin, Ellis Larkins, Garry Dial, Tim Green (Sax), Chris Severin, Bill HuntingtonMark Soskin, Jay Anderson, Jimmy McNeally, Harold Danko, Gary Costello, Paul Grabowsky, Johnny Vidacovich, James Singleton, Tony DaGradiBrian Seeger, Dave Easley, Jeff Boudreaux, Jerome Barde, Jerry Bergonzi, Michel Benita, Steve Masakowski as well as many others.

A Revered Classical Composer

Denise has also received her masters and post graduate in composition from Trinity College in London. She is a prolific classical composer and has written 3 full-scale orchestral works as well as many chamber pieces. The quality and uniqueness of her work has meant she has received numerous commissions for her classical talents, including "Songs of the Rainforest". This full-scale orchestral piece had its world premier performed by Orchestra Toronto in December 2012. 

Denise has been actively involved in merging classical and jazz in her approach to orchestral writing’ something few artists have dared to take on. Her jazz CD ‘Skylark’ features fine examples of her string writing for jazz idiom. Denise has self-produced 7 CDs and her song "River of My Own' was awarded An Honorary Mention in the prestigious John Lennon Song Writing Contest. 


The Here and Now – New Releases

Denise, now a British citizen. runs the incredibly successful ‘Alices Loft’ recording studio in London where she helps other artist produce their own style of production..

After taking a break from recording to focus on her studio, Denise is now poised to launch exciting new projects. She has just recently received her Masters in Film Scoring from The  Film Scoring Academy of Europe during the Covid Pandemic just after completing her latest CD "Brown Book".  Critically acclaimed Brown Book,  was recorded in London and Bratislava. The CD features Mark Soskin, Jay Anderson, Brian Seeger, Tony DaGradi, Dave O'Higgins, Jeff Boudreaux, Maurizio Ravalico and special guest , Jerry Bergonzi. Denise is currently working on her newest album "On the Brink", which is scheduled to be released in 2024.

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